Button Guide

1. POWER BUTTON – turns the heat pump system on or off

2. MODE BUTTON – selects operation mode

3. FAN BUTTON – adjusts the fan speed

4. TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT BUTTONS – adjusts the temperature settings

5. POWERFUL BUTTON – temporarily maximizes output

6. ECONOMY BUTTON – reduces performance; enables maximum efficiency operation

7. LOW NOISE BUTTON – reduces performance; enables quieter operation

8. SENSOR BUTTON – reduces performance; enables movement detection

9. MINIMUM HEAT BUTTON – sets heat mode to 50 degrees (F)

10. SLEEP BUTTON – temporarily reduces system efficiency

11. SWING BUTTON – reduces efficiency; automates louver positioning

12. HORIZONTAL SET BUTTON – cycles through horizontal air direction options for the louvers

13. VERTICAL SET BUTTON – cycles through vertical air direction options for the louvers

14. TIMER ON/OFF BUTTON – reduces performance & efficiency; turns on or off the system timer

15. TIMER SET/SEND BUTTON – completes the timer or clock setting

16. TIMER NEXT BUTTON – enables the next step while configuring timers & settings

17. TIMER BACK BUTTON – reverts to the previous step while configuring settings & timers

18. SLEEP TIMER BUTTON – reduces system efficiency for a set period of time

19. WEEKLY TIMER BUTTONS – reduces performance & efficiency; enables timers to be set or cancelled

20. TIMER MODE/SETTING BUTTON – reduces performance; enables timers to be set or cancelled

21. TIMER CANCEL BUTTON – cancels active timers

22. SELECT BUTTONS – enables selection of timer type & settings