Who We Are

We are a locally owned Maine company where providing excellent customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority.  Our team has a big heart and believes in putting your needs first.  No question is too small, no problem is too big and every customer is very important to us!

Providing Fujitsu and Daikin Heat Pump installations, cleanings, repair, technical support, and free in-home consultations is our main focus.  Our workers have exceptional skills, training and experience.  We do things right, show up on time and do not cut corners.  Your home will be treated with care and respect.  Our technicians clean up after every job and pay attention to details.

We service the Newport, Maine area within an approximate 50 mile radius. We may travel further, just give us a call and ask!  207-416-7629  You can also send us a text, email us at contact@hometownheatpumps.com, message us on Facebook or click the chat button in the bottom corner of the page.

Our Story

We decided to start a heat pump company because we didn’t agree with the way other companies were doing things.  Other companies are more focused on how to make the most money instead of what is best for you.  We want to be able to install heat pumps in the right location and with the correct size for what benefits you the most, not what is best for our pockets.   Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to a heat pump.  If a unit is oversized, it can malfunction in just a couple years and need to be replaced, costing you more money.

We will put heat pumps in difficult locations, even when other companies say it cannot be done.  You should never have to empty a bucket of water, that’s crazy!  The lines can be run properly for the drain to run outside.  It’s not about how fast and easy we can do a job, it’s about how we can do it right without cutting corners and by making you completely satisfied.  It’s your home!

Instead of installing a heat pump where we want to put it, we talk to you about what your heating and cooling needs are.  This way we can correctly position and size the unit so it will give you the best output.  It’s all about helping you save money on utility costs and being completely comfortable at the same time.