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Heat Pump Installation

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We install a variety of Fujitsu and Daikin heat pump sizes and models, browse through our Pricing page for more details.  Our workers are fully trained, have exceptional skills, and experience.  Every installation will be done to your satisfaction and your home will be left clean.  Your technician will explain complete operation and maintenance of your heat pump unit.  You can contact us at any time if you need help or have questions.  We will treat your home like our own!

Heat Pump Cleanings

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Professional cleaning of 1 indoor & 1 outdoor heat pump unit of any brand. Includes cleaning heating coils & fans, applying mold inhibitor, and checking the operational temperatures. Heat Pumps need to be cleaned professionally at least once a year for optimal heating and cooling operation and maintaining cost efficiency. It is best to have them cleaned just before heating season. The pull out filters need to be cleaned at least once a month or when they appear dirty, this can be done by yourself at home.

Repair & Service

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If you are having a problem and your heat pump is not operating as it should, we’ll come out and take a look. Your technician will troubleshoot the problem and let you know of the issues detected. If your unit is having issues simple because it needs a cleaning, that will be included in the first hour at no additional charge for 1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit. Add $50 for each additional unit that needs to be cleaned. We will let you know of any additional charges before performing repairs if needed.

Air Sealing & Energy Assessment

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We start with a combustion safety test, which let’s us know if your home is free of carbon monoxide and ensures your home is safe to be in. Our blower door equipment will be placed on your front door opening to blow the air out of your home and give us a pressure reading, which tells us how leaky your house is. We will then go around your home to determine where the leaks are and establish the best method to fix them. After we repair the leaks, we install a carbon monoxide detector, and switch out the main lighting fixtures to LED bulbs. The end result will minimize heat loss and make your home more efficient.

Free In-Home Consultations

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Interested in a heat pump? We’ll come out to your home, take a look around and talk to you about your heating and cooling needs. You’ll get an estimate on the spot, we’ll go over options available to you and answer any questions you may have. A copy of the estimate will also be emailed to you.

Free Technical Support


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Are you having trouble operating your remote, cleaning your filters or just have a question? Simply give us a call, send a text, email or message on facebook anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Important to remember: Don’t use “auto mode”. Operate unit in mode “heat”, “cool”, “dry”, or “fan”.



What Our Customers are Saying

“Anytime you have people show up at appointed time and get right to work these days is a big plus. Everything was done quickly, operating instructions explained, cleanup inside an outside accomplished and we had heat within 3 hours of their arrival. We have had extremely low temps ever since the install and we are so pleased with how well it heats and how quiet the unit is. Should have done this a long time ago.”

Phyllis Ihle


“Excellent service, Very competitively priced. They did a great job of explaining how the system works and I was amazed at how detailed at cleaning up after the install. In my case the install was done part way through a huge remodel and the area outside was still littered with debris from the demolition but Josh still took the time to pick up any little bits he dropped during the install. And unlike his competition he will not use your own kitchen sink to clean your heat pump he will take it outside out of the way to minimize mess.

Extremely happy and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of a heat pump.”

Ryan Stankevitz


“They came and installed my heat pump while at the same time explaining how everything works and what the best way to operate it was for me. They were also excellent with the kids as they were nosy to see what was going on as well and might have been in the way a couple times. The heat pump has been working excellent for 3 days now and I couldn’t be happier with the heat it is producing in all the negative degree weather we have been having. Can’t wait to try out the A/C part of it this summer. Thanks again to the people at Hometown Heat Pumps.” Robert Shaw


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